New Legendary Card For Clash Royale

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Back in March, Clash Royale founders (SuperCell) published a sneak peek about 4 new cards which would be inserted to the match. The cards have been “Bandits”, “Bats”, “Heal” and the “Night Witch”. The “Bandit” is the only card that’s been released.

Night Witch Rumors

We found a little more details about the Night Shrimp which are now being regarded as rumors. The Night Witch is supposedly unlocked from Arena 8, Frozen Peak, or even higher. The card will charge 4 Elixirs to set up, has adequate hit points and high harm. The Night Witch has a quicker Bats summoning rate at 5 minutes, compared to 7.5 minutes to get a normal Witch summoning Skeletons. Another advantage of the card is that it distracts other troops and can be flying. Upon passing, the Night Witch will even unleash bats.

Night Witch Statistics

Based to Hi-Tech Gazette, the Night Witch will be accessible from a particular challenge, called Insane Draft Challenge. Like the occasion for Electro Wizard and Bandit you have to win a certain number of matches to unlock the card.

However, players are becoming excited about watching this card and they’ve already established dream decks to incorporate this card. Some of those combinations include utilizing the Night Witch for a combo into the lava hound. This could not be possible to stop since rumors are the Night Witch and endure many spell cards like the fireball. We don’t know the specific release of the card, but we’ll definitely keep you educated in.